Combat Loneliness With Love

Combat Loneliness With Love

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Reach out to the elderly and children with messages of kindness and caring

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And the waitress is practicing politics,
As the businessmen slowly get stoned,
Yes, they’re sharing a drink they call loneliness, 
But it’s better than drinking alone.”

--Billy Joel, “The Piano Man”

Dale rolled over in bed and glanced at the clock. It read 6:02 a.m. It would be another hour before sunrise. He swung his feet to the side of the bed, tugged the one blanket he slept with into place, and headed to the bathroom. The daily ritual included a shave, a shower, some meds, vitamins, and a quick clean-up of the bathroom. He headed down to the kitchen. It was now 6:30. He made a single cup of coffee, two eggs, and one piece of toast, eating them while standing at the sink. He rinsed the plate and cup and went outside to feed the birds that were waiting around the feeder. At least they appreciated Dale. He gave the garden a quick spritz and sat at the picnic table to watch the rising sun. Now widowed for three years, he thought about calling his daughter who would be heading to work, but he had called her the day before and could sense she politely tolerated him.