Managing A Dedicated Group-Fitness Team

Managing A Dedicated Group-Fitness Team

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Retaining instructors is the key to a quality program

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The heart and soul of any fitness center is its group-exercise program. Nearly 40 percent of members will participate in these classes at some point, and the American College of Sports Medicine designated group fitness within the top-three trends of 2020 (Thompson, 2019). So, it makes sense that the makeup of a group-fitness team plays a crucial role in membership numbers and an even more significant role in membership retention. However, the challenge is in finding and retaining high-quality, committed, group-fitness instructors who keep the spirit alive. As a fitness-center manager or group-exercise supervisor, what can you do to cultivate a team that has the same mindset and goals as you and the facility? The key resides in the expectations, support, and culture you create.

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