Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have...

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have...

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I'd love an ice rink, but what about the common good?

Like with most places, I live in a small town reeling with conflicting interests. There’s an increasing demand for more services with little appetite to pay; a desire to live there, but a lack of affordable housing; a preference for green grass in the midst of a water shortage; the need for a fair shake in what can feel like a rather unfair reality. And then there are those people who want an indoor ice rink.

Despite the many social, environmental, and economic challenges in our little corner of the world, the sentiment that consumes the editorial section of the local newspaper and council agendas month after month is the “need” for an indoor ice rink. 

So, I wrote to city council and provided a different perspective than what they were hearing about the “need” for a rink. Below I share excerpts from that letter.