Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership

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All I know I learned from my horses

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I’ve never heard an effective leader say that leadership is easy—it’s not. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult at times. Not only does an individual in charge have to make sure the day-to-day needs of an organization are met, but he or she is also responsible for helping each person become the best contributor possible—all while continuing to learn and grow and manage the goals and objectives of the department.

While leadership can often feel like herding cats, it is my horses that have taught me the most important lessons about being a leader. Horses are prey animals. They live in herds. As such, their survival depends on social systems and herd dynamics, as well as on their ability to read and interpret non-verbal communications and body language. Their ability to read situations and emotional energy correctly and convey information to the herd is critical to the herd’s survival. Horses are incapable of lying. They mirror our energy—good or bad. For these reasons, horses can provide immediate feedback to humans regarding behavior.