Marketing Messages That Work for the Parks & Rec Industry

Marketing Messages That Work for the Parks & Rec Industry

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Building a True Brand Fan

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It takes a lot of effort and planning to stand out in today’s world full of people constantly being treated as potential customers. Studies show the average person is exposed to roughly 4,000 marketing messages every day, and the number is growing.

While many people can relate to a limited budget and limited time in this industry, the truth is that effective marketing rarely requires either of these. The most effective marketing opportunity is the ability to build a relationship with members of a community. As experiential-based organizations, our job is to focus not only on what happens at the time of marketing but also what happens after—the human experience, which is the reason many chose these roles to begin with. Marketing is the first step in engaging the public in a manner that turns them from a guest, learner, or visitor into a fan, volunteer, or donor.